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Annual Charity Lunch 2020

Next year’s lunch will be held on Friday, 27th March 2020 at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, Albert Embankment. Please put the date in your diary now.

Annual Charity Lunch 2019

Held on Friday 8th March, PICT’s Annual Lunch, once again, took place at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel on London’s Albert Embankment – and this year, thankfully, there wasn’t even a hint of snow in the air as there had been the year before.

 This, the 10th Annual Lunch, followed the earlier AGM and the customary pre-lunch drinks, began with the Loyal Toast. This was followed by the President’s toast to the past-Presidents and the Committee after which the starter was served, a tasty ham hock terrine. As the plates were cleared, the legendary game of Heads and Tails took place – five calls of Tails on the trot gave rise to some jovial heckling from the assembled guests – ending with seven entrants on the stage for the final rounds. Following two calls of Heads, the eventual winner won it with a Tail. (once again your Editor was out in the first round!)

 After everyone had re-taken their seats, Peter Blakeley, who had assumed the mantle of MC for the day in the absence of Andy Thompson, gave details of the fundraising auction and the table raffle that would be taking place during the afternoon. He also took the opportunity to kick-off proceedings by auctioning some of the donated items before the main course was served.

 After a delicious chicken dish, followed by a warm victoria plum tart – all very yummy - Peter Blakeley, gave a witty dialogue of the new President before announcing him to the assembled guests.

 Thanking Peter for the introduction, Peter Bothwick, PICT’s new President, took to the podium.

 Peter began by saying that it was a real pleasure to welcome everyone to the Annual Lunch of the Paper Industry Charitable Trust and that he was delighted to see so many at the lunch this year. He then introduced PICT’s official guests – Andy Buxton, President of the Birmingham Paper Trade Society and Nick Murphy, President of the Lancashire 25 Club. He also thanked PICT’s officers, board and committee members, as well as past-Presidents Paul Johnston-Knight, Nick Gee and Joe Piggott.

 He continued by saying that he did not propose to speak about the conditions in the paper industry, or equally to speak about Brexit – “Except to give you my answer to what appears to be the biggest question, which is, should there be an Irish backstop? And my answer to that is yes, there should be …. especially if the Irish wicketkeeper is crap!” Adding: “For those of you unfamiliar, that was a little cricket joke – apparently!” Although the start of his speech caused much hilarity – Peter’s focus throughout his address was to promote PICT’s mission as a charity, the vital work it does and the way forward.

 He said that many at the lunch would already know the work that PICT does, however, some may know very little, or worse, “might still think that we are just an old boys club!” He explained that PICT aims to raise money through its events, in order that the charity can consider requests from, or on behalf of, paper industry personnel, past or present, who have found themselves in difficulty. “Please if you know of someone who might need our help, give us the information, which will be treated with the utmost sensitivity”. He continued by saying that everyone’s support at the lunch, and for the sporting events, enabled PICT to generate the income for its charitable assistance. He also thanked those that had donated prizes for the auction during the lunch.

 In order to get PICT’s message out there further and increase awareness, Peter believes that there is benefits in working liaisons with other paper industry organisations and, in this respect, the charity has started constructive discussion with the Paper and Board Association, as well as entering into a partnership with Tim Bowler’s organisation Focal Strength Ltd, which runs courses for the paper and associated industries.

 As well as increased awareness, Peter wants to elicit the help of the PICT members themselves. “I would like to see PICT make a brief appearance at as many of your internal meetings as possible – to not only keep everyone informed and updated, but also to listen to your thoughts for PICT in the future – perhaps you may have an idea for an activity that we can arrange in the name of PICT.” He added: “Put simply anything can be arranged, if the numbers are there to support it and it can generate some revenue for the charity.” He also wanted to see company managers and team leaders encourage their staff to join in with any of PICT’s events if they had expressed an interest in them.

 This plea led on quite neatly for Peter to thank all the sports sections’ secretaries who work so hard in organising the events: Mike Robertson, that looks after cricket; Mike Kerlogue, who looks after Shanks golf; George Fowler, who looks after angling; Jon Vic, who looks after tennis; Fred Haines, who diligently organises the charity golf day each year; and finally, Paul Johnston-Knight, who is trying to revive the skiing section. He continued: “Paul is our immediate past-President and I must really thank him for his commitment to PICT throughout his year of office.” Peter then presented Paul with his past-President’s badge.

 Peter then went onto thank PICT’s secretary, Anne James for all her tireless work, not only with the organisation of the lunch, but throughout the year. Adding: “Anne you are priceless, thank you, from all of us.”

 Concluding, Peter thanked everyone who attended the lunch, explaining that by doing so they had already contributed to PICT, adding: “It is now up to us to give back to you, with greater awareness of what we do and can do. I therefore personally look forward to visiting as many of you as possible over the next 12 months.” He also thanked the PICT members who had brought guests with them, and it was to these guests that Peter proposed a toast.

 After much applause, Peter went onto introduce the after-lunch entertainer – Daliso Chaponda.

 Daliso, who shot to fame on Britain’s Got Talent – making it to the final of the 2017 series - enthralled the guests with a mix of African jokes and his thoughts on UK life. One amusing annotation was about male contact, commenting: “Men don’t like hugging in the UK – however, there is a 30 second window after a goal is scored in football – when anything goes…!!” And this was only one of his many amusing observations and anecdotes during his performance. And judging by the laughter that ensued around the room all the guests enjoyed his mix of jokes and thoughts.

 Once the clapping had subsided, Peter Blakeley once again took to the stage and thanked Daliso for his entertaining look at life. He then proceeded to auction the final items, as well as announce the winner of the table raffle. Finally, on behalf of PICT, he thanked everyone for coming along to support the Annual Lunch and announced that the formal part of the day was now over and people could repair to the bar or local hostelry to continue ‘networking’. All in all, an excellent day was had by everyone, and we can now all look forward to next year’s fundraising lunch.

Annual Charity Lunch 2018

Fortunately Friday 9th March was the date chosen for PICT’s Annual lunch. Fortunate, as the week prior had been thick snow in most parts of the country. In fact, the new President made reference to this in his speech, saying: “I doubt we’d have seen so many of us here today, able to join us to celebrate this wonderful occasion.” And a wonderful occasion it was too.

Held at the Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel on London’s Albert Embankment, this the 9th Annual Lunch followed the earlier AGM and the requisite pre-luncheon drinks. When all the guests had assembled in the Plaza Suite, and the loyal toast had been given, the President drank to all the past-Presidents, the Committee, colleagues from Papico and PICT’s new Treasurer, Robert Lockwood.

The starter was then served, a tasty goat cheese and caramelised onion tart, which was followed by the esteemed game of Heads and Tails – always an entertaining interlude. As usual, your Editor was out in an early round, however, it got down to four contestants, ‘Gladys Knight and her pips’ quipped adjudicator Peter Bothwick.  And then it was two - Tails was called out and a winner announced.

When all had re-taken their seats, Andy Thompson and Peter Bothwick continued by giving details of the fundraising auction that would be taking place during the afternoon. In fact, they took this opportunity to auction two items, namely a round of golf at Burr Hill and an overnight stay at the Park Plaza Hotel, which were snapped up by the guests.

Following the main course, a flavoursome chicken dish, some further items were auctioned - a case of wine and a week-long stay in a villa in Turkey. A delicious chocolate dessert was then served followed by coffee and liqueurs. A short comfort break was announced and then it was the turn of Peter Bothwick to stand up and give a preamble on the new P

of the Lancashire 25 Club; Paul Tooby, from the Birmingham Paper Trade Social Society; and the immediate past President, Joe Piggott. He also gave a special thanks to the charity’s Secretary, Anne James “who keeps us on the straight and narrow”.

He thanked his predecessor, Joe Piggott, for working tirelessly over the past 12 months to promote and support the Trust. Adding that Joe had not only been a great ambassador for the Trust but had supported the various sporting activities throughout the year. In presenting Joe with his past-President’s badge, Paul said: “You were amused that you were possibly the oldest first-time President of the Trust handing over to the youngest, well, I calculate that between us, you and I have lowered the average age of the PICT Presidents on taking office – not a bad thing!”

In his speech, Paul commented about some of the UK’s news and sport that had occurred over the past 12 months, including the British team’s most successful Winter Olympics ever. Adding that it had been such a wonderful event that the whole country had to be treated to a week of ice and snow as practice for the next games, thanks to the Beast from the East and Storm Emma!

He went on to talk about PICT’s sporting sections, saying that it would be good to revive the Cricket Section, so if any members were even marginally interested in cricket they should get in touch and get involved. He also mentioned the possibility of two new sections – Walking Football and resurrecting a Bowls Team – again contact Secretary Anne James for more information.

Paul then moved on to talk about the industry, commenting: “Sadly, we’ve seen the decline in fine paper volumes continue. There is, though, an increase in the volume of paper and board used for packaging. We’re seeing an unprecedented backlash among consumers around the environmental issues related to plastic packaging.” Adding: “So this is a huge opportunity to replace plastic with paper and board.”

Talking about the lunch itself, Paul explained that it was not just the networking, socialising and fun aspect, but crucially the lunch was to raise funds in support of the PICT charity. He continued: “Can we all say, hand on heart, that our colleagues in the office know why we are here today? And no, the answer isn’t just for the wine!” He asked the guests to tell their workmates that there is a worthwhile charity within the trade that needs everyone’s support, which provides valuable assistance to those in need, following their years of service in the paper sector.

He talked of ways that people can be involved including; the Annual lunch; the sporting sections; joining the 200 Club; and promoting colleagues to become members of PICT. He continued by talking of the charity’s work. “The mission of this charity is to offer funding to those who’ve left this industry and who’ve found times difficult. Without your support we could not do this.” He then thanked the Trustees, Peter Bothwick and Andy Thompson for all their hard work in reviewing and making donations to those in need, a role, which he explained was very demanding and sometimes upsetting. Finally, Paul thanked the Committee for their hard work, and in particular PICT’s Secretary Anne James, presenting her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, in recognition of her continual guidance and support to the Trust.

When the applause had faded, Paul welcomed the after-lunch speaker, Robbie Glen, to the stage.

Robbie Glen a jovial, quiet Scotsman, has spent his working life in the prison service, and from this niche career, came the majority of his amusing and sometimes downright hilarious anecdotes. He had ‘done time’ at many institutions, one in particular HMP Barlinnie (a renowned Glasgow jail), known locally as The Big Hoose, or as he quipped “Glasgow’s finest B&B!” During his outpourings, he mentioned that the Scots use any excuse to party, and explained: “We are envious that Shakespeare was born and died on 23rd April, and on St Georges Day! – we Scots would be drunk for weeks!!”

After regaling many stories and anecdotes, Robbie concluded by quoting, and very fittingly, some ‘Rabbie’ Burns – of course!

Peter Bothwick once again took to the stage and thanked Robbie for his entertaining insight. He then proceeded to auction the final items, which included amongst others: Four-ball golf at Westerham; a trip on the Solent; and a private box for four people to see Barry Manilow at the 02. The winners of the table raffle were also announced.

And then that was it. An excellent afternoon of entertainment, fine food and camaraderie had come to a close. However, most of the guests did continue in the time-honoured fashion of the paper industry by ‘networking’ either in the bar or the local hostelry next door! We now all look forward to next year’s fundraising lunch.


Annual Charity Lunch 2017

Copped a brilliant Annual Lunch!

Thanking Peter for his introduction, Joe Piggott then took to the podium and said that he was honoured to be PICT’s new President. He went on to thank everyone for their support of the Charity and especially the financial support “for those less fortunately than ourselves”. He went onto introduce his special guests at the dinner, who included amongst others, William Alden MBE DL, Clerk to The Stationers’ Company and Peter Millington, President of the Lancashire Paper Trade 25 Club.

Joe’s next task was to present Nick Gee with his past President’s badge, on doing so he said how Nick had been very supportive of all the sporting activities during his term, participating in the majority of events.

Following this, he went onto talk about PICT and its mission, commenting that the Charity was probably unique in Europe and possibly even the wider world in its achievements.  He added that the fun and friendships in the sporting sections were all raising monies for the charity. He then made a plea for the generous support of the charitable trust – mentioning that many colleagues’ lives are a struggle – and that members can help to alleviate these by not only participating in the auctions and events at the lunch but also participating in the sporting and other events during the year. Finishing his speech, Joe then went onto introduce the afternoon’s entertainer – Alfie Moore.

Taking the stage and setting the tone for the entertainment to follow, Alfie introduced himself as coming from the UK’s City of Culture – adding most people in Hull were quite shocked at this award – and that there are now City of Hull bus tours, which involve getting on a bus and driving straight to York!

A serving police sergeant, Alfie states he came from an engineering background, and was bought up on American cop shows – “unfortunately though I haven’t got the name – Dirty Harry sounds cool – but Dirty Alf ….!!” he quipped.

Talking of his career, he said that questions are often asked of him such as ‘why aren’t you out catching the real criminals?’ – “Too dangerous!!” he laughed.

Another anecdote during Alfie’s stories to cause much amusement was on discussing Tasers, he said that they are a good piece of protection – and on a positive note – they show that everyone has a dancing ability!!

Alfie Moore was definitely an excellent choice as an after lunch entertainer, he was very funny and droll and definitely gave a different perspective on the boys in blue…!! And everyone appeared to thoroughly enjoy it.

After the laughter had subsided and all had gained their composure, Peter Bothwick and Andy Thompson once again took to the stage to auction off the final items, which included boat trips; Rugby tickets; and the use of a villa in Turkey.

Rounding off the afternoon, President Joe Piggott presented the Charity’s Secretary Anne James with a bouquet of flowers, thanking her for all her hard work. He then added that the official proceedings had come to an end and that the rest of the afternoon was free for people to enjoy and network further. And that is exactly what they did, in the time-honoured tradition of the paper industry, in both the bar and the nearest public house until the small hours of the morning.

Once again, a brilliantly successful lunch raising funds for PICT and its charitable causes.


The 8th Annual PICT lunch was held on Friday 3rd March 2017 in the new City Suite at the Riverbank Park Plaza hotel on London’s south bank.

The lunch followed the Trust’s AGM, which was held earlier in the same hotel (minutes from this meeting are further on in the newsletter).

After pre-lunch drinks, proceedings kicked off with Joe Piggott saying grace in his own inimitable manner. A venison terrine starter was closely followed by the usual and well-loved game of heads and tails, which was presided over by the industry’s own MC, Peter Bothwick. After only seven spins of the coin it was down to the last three standing guests, who were then asked to join Peter on the stage to decide the final outcome, Bothwick joked: “they look like the paper industry boy band ‘wrong direction’!”

Once the winning participants had retaken their seats, Andy Thompson joined Peter to announce details of the fundraising auction that would take place during the afternoon and, in fact, they took the opportunity to auction the first couple of items – namely 4 Ball Golf at Westerham and an overnight stay at the Park Plaza hotel.

An excellent addition to this year’s lunch - diners were treated to a couple of magicians going around the tables performing various magic tricks – which apart from being highly entertaining was also baffling as to how these tricks were performed in such close proximity. An interesting fact on this entertainment, which was provided by Essex Magicians, is that one of the magicians – Nick Brown – had changed his career from paper (working for both Howard Smith Paper and Antalis) to go into a career of full time magic – “Just like that!”

Anyway, back to the lunch itself, following a delicious Chicken Rossini main course, the auction then continued, with further top class items going under the hammer  – these included an England Rugby Training Shirt signed by the England squad; and two tours for four people of Sky TV Studios including lunch.

A delicious pudding of warm Victoria Plum Tart Tartin was then served, along with coffees and liqueurs. A quick comfort break and then it was the turn of Peter Bothwick to formally introduce PICT’s new President Joe Piggott to the diners in his own inimitable style that we have all come to expect.

He began by saying that Joe was born in Harrow – moved to Cornwall, and moved to the Midlands when he was still quite tall! And that he was an ardent Aston Villa fan. He continued by saying that Joe was renowned for his wines, adding: “He knows exactly the right wine to go with eight pints of Pedigree!”

With regards Joe’s career, he told the assembled diners that Joe had achieved 52 years in the paper industry. In summing up, Peter said that Joe would hold the office with immense enthusiasm.

A magical charity lunch


Official Guests

The President Andy Thompson

Guest speaker Peter Brackley

The PICT annual luncheon took place on Friday 4th March, 2016 at the Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel in London.

The highlight of the PICT calendar and its biggest fundraiser during the year, the lunch attracted over 260 members and, in my opinion, it seemed busier and buzzier than last year’s event.

Unfortunately, the hotel in its wisdom has decided to refurbish the delightful Thames Suite, which overlooks the River Thames, to become its main restaurant and no longer a function room, so we were in the Plaza Suite. However, this was perfectly adequate and I personally don’t believe it detracted from the proceedings or, in fact, the excellent food and service the hotel provides.

The lunch followed a busy AGM for some of us (minutes of this a little further on) and for others a couple of liveners in the hotel bar. 

Proceedings kicked off with the industry’s very own Master of Ceremonies, Peter Bothwick, who welcomed everyone to the 7th Annual PICT lunch and explained what the guests could expect from the afternoon, namely a raffle, an auction of top items and a variant on the game of heads and tails, as well as an unusual entertainer.  He then introduced PICT’s new President Nick Gee, quipping that it was “out with the old and in with the not so old”. Nick Gee stood up and proposed a toast to the Past President, Andy Thompson, the sporting sections and winners, and the new Vice President – Joe Piggott, who was then called upon to give grace in his usual witty manner. 

Following a tasty Venison Terrine starter, the game of knife, fork and spoon took place – this is played along the same lines as heads and tails – but obviously as the name describes it’s played with cutlery not coins. Joe Claydon was the winner of this fun version.  

After a tasty main course, Peter Bothwick and Andy Thompson (aka the Chuckle brothers – only kidding guys!) went onto announce some of the items up for auction – these included golf days, tours of the Sky Complex, boat trips and hotel breaks. After some hot bidding by the guests, and much monies raised, a yummy lemon tart desert was served. Then following the coffees and liqueurs, Peter Bothwick, in his own inimitable style, formally introduced PICT’s new president – Nick Gee. He stated that the new President had the most distinctive and infectious laugh in the industry, saying that he joined Denmaur in 1979 as he was cheaper than an ansaphone …… !

Taking the podium, Nick Gee began by thanking Peter for his kind introduction and that his speech would be short as would like to enjoy a drink.

He thanked everyone for their warm welcome, and in particular, the raucous applause from his colleagues at Denmaur Independent “who are clearly aware that pay review time is not far away”. He went onto welcome the official guests, namely: Mrs Helen Esmonde – Master of The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers; Mr Peter Millington – President of the Lancashire Paper Trade 25 Club; and Mr Paul Tooby of The Birmingham Paper Trade Social Society. He also welcomed all the guests of PICT members.

He continued by saying that his career in the paper industry started as a summer job many years go, in fact he had wanted to become a dentist, “little did I know then how similar buying and selling paper would be to pulling teeth!”

He added: “Nobody is more surprised than me, to find me standing here as President of the Paper Industry’s Charitable Trust. 

In my mind I am still that young man about town, listening to Bowie, cruising around in my black Capri. However, anyone following politics across the pond will know that any aging playboy has a chance of becoming President!”

He then went onto say that since the last annual lunch much had changed in the world of UK paper merchanting and manufacturing with long established British brands disappearing. 

Adding “whilst paper consumption continues to decline in many sectors, we are all rising to the challenge by reshaping and resizing to meet the demands of today and the future. I have every belief that if we are open to change, and evolve accordingly, the sunset of this industry will be a very long way in the future.”

Thanking everyone for their continued support of PICT, he said that despite the gloomy outlook sometimes reported that the lunch had attracted the same numbers as last year, adding “but then the paper industry is famed for enjoying a good lunch!”

Talking about the charity itself, Nick said that it continues to support those who have spent their working life in the paper industry and are now experiencing difficult times. “We encourage you to bring to our attention anybody you feel is deserving of our support – to do this please contact me, Anne James our Secretary or any of the Trustees.”

Talking about the sporting sections he said that he realised how precious everyone’s personal time is, however, he asked the members to consider taking part in PICT activities. “We have lively sports sections that need your support – so whether your interest be cricket, angling, golf or tennis – please do take a look at our website for events and get involved.”

He continued by saying that if sport wasn’t your thing, the immediate past President Andy Thompson was hoping to organise a number of regional PICT quiz nights, and that details would be posted on the PICT website.

Nick then took the opportunity of presenting Andy with his past President’s badge and thanked him for his year in office. He also welcomed to the PICT Board the new Vice President, Joe Piggott.

Nick then joked that at the recent Oscar ceremony nominees were told to keep their speeches short and when their time was up a red light would show. He said “I know that by now my red light is flashing and that the guest artist is more appealing than me.

“However, just like the Oscars, before I finish there are some important thankyou’s I would like to make.” He went onto thank PICT’s Secretary Anne James “who once again is the driving force behind making this event come together and so much else behind the scenes throughout the year.” He thanked the Sporting Section Secretaries, promising that during his year as President, he would make every effort to attend at least one of each of their events. He also gave a special mention to the Board and Committee for the time they give the charity. Finally, on behalf of PICT, he thanked all those companies and individuals that had generously donated prizes and auction lots at the lunch.

His final task was to introduce the guest artiste, Mr Graham Jolley, and hoped that everyone would enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Graham Jolley is described as a psychological entertainer, able to perform any number of astonishing feats, baffling and thrilling his audience. And this he certainly did in large amounts – from magic tricks to mind reading. By the end of his act – I don’t believe there were many left in the audience wondering how on earth he did some of the things he did. He involved many of the guests in his tricks, and even yours truly was beckoned on stage and I still to this day don’t know how he managed to know the phone number I had picked from a very large phone directory …..   he definitely left me baffled.

A hard act to follow, but after the magical entertainment Andy Thompson and Peter Bothwick rounded off the afternoon by auctioning the final items. Then, as quickly as it had started, the formal part of the Annual Lunch was over – although as ever the jollities and networking continued into the small hours in the bar.

Once again, a successful event for PICT raising funds for the charity and, in turn, a brilliant fun filled afternoon.

Annual Charity Lunch - Friday 6th March 2015


Annual lunch increases charity’s profile


The highlight of the PICT calendar – the Annual Luncheon – was held on Friday 6th March in the stunning Thames Suite at London’s Park Plaza Hotel, which overlooks the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament.

This, the 6th Annual PICT Charity lunch, followed a well attended AGM (report further on), along with a couple of pre-luncheon drinks. Not only is this lunch the industry’s largest social networking gathering of the year, but it is also PICT’s largest fundraising event, with around 260 members and guests coming along to this formal yet fun filled afternoon. 

Proceedings began with the paper industry’s own presenter and comedian, Peter Bothwick, welcoming everyone to the lunch saying: “There will be short speeches, high quality auction items, and a high quality guest speaker.” He went onto say there would also be the usual fun ‘Heads and Tails’ after the starter, and a Raffle draw with cash prizes [a comment which drew a big ooooh from the audience!].  Joe Piggott was then called upon to say grace in his own unique style.

After a fine starter of Venison Terrine, Heads and Tails took place – it got very tense – down to six .. and then two ... John Tootle and Peter Brown – Peter Brown won and very kindly donated his bottle of champagne to the raffle.

Following the main course, the new President, Andy Thompson, took wine with the Committee, sport section secretaries and winners, and the new Vice President, who he named as Nick Gee.

A scrumptious pudding of champagne and strawberry torte rounded off the lunch, then Andy Thompson announced the prize draw – however there appeared to be some discrepancy with a signature and it was a Mr O’Neill that was finally declared the winner.

As the coffees and liqueurs were being consumed, Peter Bothwick took to the podium again to formally introduce the new PICT President – although not much introduction was needed as Andy Thompson had already held the post in 2012.  A fact, indeed, not missed by Peter who said it was the first time since 1949 that a person had been bought back to hold the post again.

Peter Bothwick, himself a president in 2009, introduced Andy as the paper merchant’s paper merchant and was pleased that Andy had asked him to sing his praises again. He went onto update Andy’s CV stating that since his last term as president his CV had extended by three pages and he had worked for two more companies, adding that he had now turned his career path towards printers. Summing up, Peter said: “His energy and enthusiasm is second to none. Andy is a real asset to the paper and print industry, and above all he has a terrific sense of humour.” Everyone raised their glasses and drank to the President

Thanking Peter for his ‘kind’ introduction Andy Thompson came back to the podium where he welcomed everyone to the lunch and said that in his speech he would give an update on the Trust’s position and aims, stating: “I will keep the formal parts of the luncheon brief and to the point, whilst ensuring that everyone is made aware of the Charity’s purpose, challenges and intentions for the future.” But first came the thank you’s – he welcomed the top table guests and, in particular, thanked Anne James for all her hard work. He thanked Denmaur for its Gold and GF Smith for its Silver sponsorship of the luncheon. He also thanked PaperlinX for its monthly donations. He went on to thank the sports secretaries, and also thank Bev Steele for all his hard work as Editor of the PICT Newsletter and his hilarious stories. He then went onto thank the hotel and staff and everyone that works backstage.



He continued by announcing that Patrick Shorten had stood down last year and Barry Fowler this year as Trustee, and went on to award Barry Fowler life membership. He then awarded Alan Babcock with his past President’s badge.

Coming onto the main part of his speech he reiterated PICT’s mission - to help those who had fallen on hard times in the paper industry with either regular or one-off payments, as well as educational initiatives and donations to the Stationers’ Foundation. He explained: “We want to raise the profile of the charity work – so we are looking at social media platforms and would like help from the industry – Do staff want to join PICT and be involved? Do they know anyone who needs support?”

In conclusion, he summed up by sayingthat company operations were changing and that it was now a more challenging industry. Adding: “PICT is there to help those that need help and are in need.” At the end of his speech, Andy went onto introduce the guest speaker Peter Brackley, who hails from the world of sport broadcasting. 

Addressing the audience, Peter jokingly commentated that he probably wasn’t top choice for presenter; and went on to say that he had brought along an item for the auction – whereby he held up a tiny Chelsea jumper – saying it had been used by Dennis Wise .... which gained a titter from those in the audience of a certain age that would remember this diminutive footballer, especially for his time with Chelsea in 1990-2001, where he also became Captain.

Peter continued by saying that everyone makes mistakes – and went on to cite some examples of the various reporting faux pas over the years. His impressions of the various commentators were excellent – mimicking such well known names as Ritchie Benno (cricket), Peter O’Sullivan (racing) and Geoff Boycott (cricket),  After an interesting discourse interjected with amusing and sometimes very funny anecdotes, Peter summed up by saying: “If you enjoyed me I’m Peter Brackley, if not I’m Adrian Chiles!!”

The afternoon continued with the auction – which offered a selection of top items including boat trips on the Solent, golf days, vouchers for London theatre tickets and tours of the BBC – and raised good monies to the PICT funds. In fact, in total, the lunch raised £11,800.

Andy Thompson rounded off the official part of the afternoon, by once again thanking all the sponsors, and hoped that all the members and guests would continue to enjoy the rest of the day.

As ever the PICT luncheon was an enjoyable event, with a good time had by all..... and continued well into the evening, in that time honoured tradition of the industry, in the bar!! Roll on next year...  

                                                                                                                                                Report by Margaret Curle

Guest Speaker Garry Richardson showing us no mercy

Heads & Tails Finals

The President presenting PICT Secretary Anne James with her gift

Annual Charity Lunch - Friday 7th March 2014

The PICT Lunch is always special. It is that occasion when once a year Trade people meet for lunch to talk and enjoy and to be entertained.  Friday 7th March was certainly one of those. It began in Suite 6 at the Park Plaza Hotel on the Albert Embankment with the AGM the Minutes of which shall be shown elsewhere in this Newsletter but I can tell that is was well attended and lasted for 30 minutes. During this time the out-going President Jeremy Martin briefly summed up his year in office, all the ups and downs of his time and passed the President’s  Badge to Alan Badcock. With the new President firmly ensconced, Andy Thompson was elected to become the Vice-President despite having been President in 2012 and was given his badge of office.  John Garlick delivered the Treasurer’s Report in his own measured and concise manner followed by Patrick Shorten with that of the Trustees. Regarding Patrick it was an especially poignant occasion in that he announced his retirement from that post which he has held for 7 years. He was applauded to the echo for his sterling work and his counsel will surely be missed.  Peter Bothwick was elected to become a Trustee so he with Barry Fowler and Andy Thompson make up our complement of three. The 200 Club draw was called and the meeting was concluded. We then left to join the other Members and their guests who for the record numbered 234 in all, in the Thames Suite,  a lovely room offering an inspiring prospect of the Thames with the Houses of Parliament just across the water. This really was impressive and made a splendid backdrop to our proceedings. Peter Bothwick was our Master of Ceremonies for this occasion, a role he played magnificently and much aided by a very good sound system.  He began the proceedings telling us all of what was to come and for us to elect Table Captains to oversee the various charity happenings round the tables. The Heads and Tails game proved as popular as ever and Chris Godfrey was the winner and received a £100 wine voucher. Not bad for standing up and sitting down a few times!

Peter started the auctions early, a very good move as this from past experience it can be a drag on proceedings but it all went very well and at a good clip and good money was made for the Charity. The Raffle was another success, the lucky winners being:-


1st Simon Pilkington.............Wine vouchers

2nd Colin Fulford..................Hotel voucher

3rd Peter Bothwick................A Damon Hill print

4th Peter Walsh.....................Camera


Then the speeches. Mike Gee spoke of the commitment of the donors to PICT and then proceeded to give an extensive  account of the life and times of our new President Alan Badcock, As I have made a profile of Alan’s life further along in this newsletter I will not enlarge further here on what Mike had to say but rest assured it was all very amusing and positive. Then came the President’s turn and he told us of his aims and vision for the Charity in a speech that was quietly impassioned if that is not too much of a paradox which were to encourage progress and make a drive to increase membership. Also to find more of those in need. He thanked Patrick Shorten for his many years of dedication.


Then we were to be entertained by our guest speaker Gary Richardson Sports journalist and  Commentator sans pareil. A very, very funny man indeed. His “day job” is with the BBC heard on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme that goes out weekday mornings. Those that know the programme will have heard Gary managing to shoehorn within his reporting duties amusing stories and asides . His act is largely about these in a more developed form and of his mistakes both on and off air. Hilarious stuff.  For my money he could have stayed with the microphone for the rest of the afternoon. A very well chosen performer. In addition he kindly offered as a auction prizes two 2 hour visits, accompanied by himself, to Broadcasting House to watch a sports programme being broadcast.  


What with Mr Richardson and our very own Peter Bothwick, no mean performer  himself we were very well entertained . With the guest speaker’s conclusion the afternoon came to its formal end and the members and guests gently eased away many to the hotel bars or other more local watering holes . In retrospect a very good day indeed and another very successful Lunch.

Mike Gee telling us all of our President's past

Our own Peter Bothwick working the room in full sardonic mode


Annual Charity Lunch - Friday 15th March 2013

Bobby George the pro dart player was our MC for the proceedings. On the tables were forms for the “silent” and general auction plus 200 Club joining forms. The first thing you do, and it has become a regular item now, is to play the Heads and Tails game. My table was pretty well wiped out to a man on the first call but on the premise that it is better to be lucky than beautiful Ron Ingafield won. The President’s speech was made with his usual eloquence pressing us to support the Charity. He thanked all the donors including those generous folk that donated the auction prizes. He insisted that Patrick Shorten stood to take a tumultuous round of applause from us all for his good work and it was then he passed the Past President’s Badge to Andy Thompson. Nick Gee looking tanned and fit just back from ski-ing somewhere high and cold, responded for the Guests with a very witty well chosen form of words touching on the many facets of our new President both amusing and serious. He was followed by Ben Collins aka THE STIG who gave us a noisy and fascinating romp through motor sport with descriptions of his many achievements on the track and his time with Clarkson and crew on Top Gear. For us petrol heads Ben’s performance at the Lunch was simply the business.

The auctions and the darts game were called by Bobby George and it is about this part of the afternoon that comment must be made.

It is something of a first for this editor to tell of negative feed back, but much of this was received. Mr George scarcely managed to keep us all together, and his language was not appropriate to this event. That we are aware we did not get it right this time is an understatement despite achieving a good result for the charity but this will not be allowed to happen again. To remedy this the committee has put together a special working party to make improvements for the future. With this in view we ask those that were offended by this part of the afternoon to give us another chance to get it right next year. It would be a shame verging on tragedy if it were allowed to interfere with the important work this charity does for those in need.