Annual Charity Lunch 2020

Next year’s lunch will be held on Friday, 27th March 2020 at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, Albert Embankment. Please put the date in your diary now.

Celebratory Dinner on 4th November 2019 - Stationers’ Hall

The Apsley Paper Trail, in association with The Stationers’ Company, is hosting a dinner at Stationers’ Hall in London on 4th November 2019, titled ‘The Celebration of Paper’. It marks the 150th anniversary of the death of John Dickinson. The John Dickinson Company has been well known for its various stationery products such as Basildon Bond, Three Candlesticks and, of course, its Duplicate Books as well as its range of boards, papers, and envelopes. John Dickinson himself was at the forefront of paper’s revolution. He was an exceptionally talented inventor, entrepreneur, innovator, and became an influential Victorian. In addition to inventing the cylinder mould machine, developing a quality gun cartridge paper, and effecting the process by which silk thread was introduced into paper as a security measure, he had at the age of 19 commissioned his first engineer, and by 21 was considered the world’s leading authority on gun cartridge paper. He and his peers, such as the Publisher Longman, the Fourdrinier brothers and many more Victorians, helped kick start the communications revolution, but more on that at the celebratory dinner. John Dickinson was apprenticed at Stationers’ Hall and went on to become Master of The Stationers’ Company. Many of his peers and business associates were also Stationers and they all played a significant part in his success. In addition, he and the John Dickinson Company hold a great significance for the Apsley Paper Trail. When the Apsley Paper Trail Charity was set up in the year 2000 it acquired two of his Apsley Mill buildings. Later in 2003 the Charity added to its assets by acquiring the facilities at Frogmore Paper Mill, the site of the world’s first commercially operated Fourdrinier paper machine in the year 1803, and for a brief period, Frogmore Paper Mill was once leased by John Dickinson to boost his output. Several events will be taking place this year in honour of John Dickinson, including the renovation of his grave in the Kensal Green cemetery. The culmination of these events being the dinner on 4th November. Tickets for the dinner will be on sale from mid-August – so make a note now and get involved.

For any further information on this celebratory event please visit their website


Skiing Section

Richard Fowler has come forward looking to re-instate the Skiing Section. So if you fancy a long weekend of fun and skiing in the Winter months, in the first instance contact PICT Secretary Anne James by e-mail