Our numbers of new approaches or applications for charitable assistance have been disappointing during 2018/19. This highlights our need to reinforce the charity message through our membership and events.

Where we have had requests, often they are from other charities, most predominantly military charities, and of course in these cases, the paper industry validity of the individual case has to be carefully scrutinized.

We are currently maintaining two regular payments to qualifying individuals. Although the amounts paid are modest, these cases are continually subject to review.

In the most recent PICT magazine, we included a case study which gave brief details of specific charity assistance which PICT provided for an individual. This case was featured in order to demonstrate an example of the help that can be given, and to further stimulate the search for additional requests. Naturally, to conform to our strict confidentiality guidelines, in the article the recipient remained anonymous.

It is hoped that the entire PICT membership will continue to remind any colleagues in need, past or present, about the charitable purpose of PICT, and how we could potentially be of some help.



Again this year we have been able to support a number of deserving causes.

It would be fair to say though that we have not been flooded with requests and again via yourselves and I am sure within the Presidents speech we do ask for your help to spread the word of the very valuable support our charity can provide.

We continue to thoroughly vet all requests and to date we have been able to provide assistance to the vast majority.

We do have to be careful though as we have received a few cases via other charities where the individual concerned at some time has worked within the paper trade but perhaps has not done so for many years. In these instances and where approved we calculate the amount we are prepared to pay by means of a fixed yearly rate that we multiply by the number of years worked.

Historically we have had a few cases where we have annually provided funds, moving forward this practice will cease and we will now only support on a one off basis.

Finally without your support we could not help our paper trade colleagues who fall on difficult times, we really appreciate that.



Since our last report we have continued to support a number of deserving causes. A number of these requests come from other charities, which are helping people who have spent a number of years in the paper trade and are seeking our assistance. Obviously we look in detail to the circumstances surrounding any such case, but if approved we find ourselves, along with the Charity initially involved, being a significant help to people in severe need.


The majority of the requests we receive, however, come direct from you or one of your colleagues, and once again we would encourage you to advise us should you learn of anyone you feel you would like to be considered.


In the first instance, please direct any correspondence to our Secretary Anne James and as always we do assure you of total confidentiality.




This year we have continued to support a number of long standing family situations.

We do and will continue to review and monitor all on-going cases to ensure that the support we provide is going to circumstances of need and are not viewed as additional pensions

We are pleased, if indeed pleased is the correct word, to inform you that we have had a number of new requests from deserving cases of which three we have been able to support. This support has consisted of either monetary awards or has found us purchasing such items as medical blankets, radios and in one of the cases a television.

Where the decision was not to support a case, this year without exception it has been due to the very tenuous link to the Paper Trade. We do remind all requestees that our charity is there to support paper related cases.

We have introduced during the course of the year a mechanism to ensure that we are treating all cases where a monetary consideration is provided in a consistent manner. This is simply a figure that is multiplied by the number of years worked in the paper trade.

We have paid out a similar amount to last year with the exception of a significant one off donation to the Stationers Livery Company. Finally we would like to encourage everybody to make their business colleagues and friends aware of the Charity's existence and purpose of helping deserving cases.




This year we have donated in excess of £9,000 to deserving individuals, which also included a significant cheque to support an educational initiative. 

We continue to strive to get the PICT message across to the wider community but as always would ask for your help in doing so by advising your colleagues of the Charity's purpose in life.

 The challenges for our Charity remain in competing against all the other very worthy causes we see in all of our everyday lives asking for individuals time and funding, people supporting our flag ship annual luncheon or sporting sections and as mentioned above the ongoing thrust to make more people aware of what we do.

 We will during the course of next year be in a position to donate more funds than 2014, this is due to a very generous monthly donation from one of our members. I would like to place on record our sincere thanks to Paperlin and Andrew Price for this very kind gesture in supporting our cause.

 If you are aware of anybody in the Paper or Paper related trade who you feel could benefit from our support please contact our Secretary Anne James at

 We can assure you that all submissions will be considered and treated sympathetically and in the strictest of confidence.




One of the responsibilities of the Trustees is – unlike some Chancellors of the Exchequer – to be ready,  in financial terms – for the oft quoted rainy day.


Thus some years we do not distribute every penny of the surplus raised by the year’s activities. In this last year in particular there were only a small number of new one-off applicants, whilst there were no new applicants granted regular payments. Indeed the Trustees continually audit regular grants to ensure applicants’ circumstances have not changed.


Having said that, the Trustees really want members – and indeed others connected with our industry, to keep their ears open to learn about any employee or former employee, in the industry, who is in a straitened financial situation, and then to mention the name – in strictest confidence, either to Anne James or any one of the three Trustees.  it is far better that the Trustees have to go back to the Board to ask for an addition to their budget, than to learn that a family is suffering hardship which could have been avoided.  We will find the money because that is what PICT is here for.


Our new President is particularly interested that PICT raises its profile in the vital area of helping those who have given service in our industry and are in need. In 2013 we have in all distributed £9,000 covering both one–off and regular payments.  The Trustees are not satisfied that PICT’s message is getting through so with your help let us follow the President’s lead and make PICT truly charitable.