Thursday, 27th March 2008 - Millennium Suite of the RAF Club




Held on Thursday, 27th March 2008  in the Millennium Suite of the RAF Club, Lower Ground Floor, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY






The President, Fred Haines, took the chair and welcomed everyone to the first Annual General Meeting of the Paper Industry Charitable Trust. There were 20 members in attendance.


1. Apologies for Absence

were recorded from:


Aplin, BHesketh, D

Arnett, E

Houghton, R

Black, M

Houseman, D

Bowers, J

Ingarfield, R

Bradshaw, R

Jenner, G

Campbell, B

Kay, S

Davies, H

Kelly, B

Davis, O

Kerlogue, M

Dean, R

Leahy, J

Dickens, R

Lindborg, K

Donaldson, D

Martin, J

Farnworth, S

Mason, J S

Fowler, R

Nicoll, A

Gore, M

Patterson, J

Grainger, H Ms

Penke, P

Green, H

Perry, J

Haslam, N

Poole, G

Shorten, P

Thompson, R

Sinclair, M

Turner, J

Spicer, T

Walton , R,

Stanyon, R

Weaver, N

Stears, M

Wight, C





 4. Presentation of Accounts for the period 1 February 2007 to 31st December 2007

R Benwell presented the Accounts. There were no questions on the Accounts. Their acceptance was proposed by B Fowler, 




seconded by C Duncan and carried unanimously. 


3. Election of Directors

The appointment of the Secretary Mrs Anne James was proposed by R Cossens, seconded by B Steele and unanimously approved.


The appointment of the Treasurer Brian Hill was proposed by R Benwell, seconded by M Gee and unanimously approved. The retiring Treasurer, Rod Benwell was thanked for all his efforts over the past few years and was warmly applauded by those present.


According to the PICT Articles of Association the longest serving Elected Director has to retire but is eligible to stand for re-election. Bernard Kelly retired but was re-appointed. This was proposed by P Bothwick, seconded by G Fowler and unanimously approved.



The meeting ended at 18.30 hrs.