With 125 years of history behind it,

With over 125 years of history behind it, the Stationers  Social Society, which was formed to encourage individuals in the paper industry to meet up at sports and social events, has become a registered charity - the Paper Industry Charitable Trust.

The charitable work of the SSS Benevolent Fund, which had previously played a role in providing assistance to members and their families in times of special need will be expanded through PICT to include support for educational ventures linked with the trade and schools.

PICT will be organising sports and social events throughout the UK to raise funds to support their charitable causes - the emphasis of these events will be to have fun whilst benefitting others.

Every day paper is in our lives and it is our hope that PICT will help educate the young to better understand our industry and assist those who have played their part in its success, but who now find they need some help themselves.

PICT needs your support and we hope that all involved in our industry will unite to make this new charity a huge success. 

...Investing in our future

PICT sees children and students as future customers and potential employees in our industry and would like to help give them a better understanding of our products and the world in which we work. Our aim will be to give them an insight into our industry by enriching their knowledge of how paper is made, distributed and used. PICT wishes to sponsor groups of young people to visit paper educational facilities, as well as rewarding and supporting individuals studying related subjects through further education.

...Helping those in need

PICT will support those who have devoted much of their working life to the Paper trade, who are now unfortunate enough to find themselves fallen on hard times. This continues the practice of helping a number of individuals and their dependents which the SSS has discreetly done over many years and which PICT will continue to do as part of their charitable works in support of these worthy causes